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Alberta's Wetlands

  • Twenty percent. That's how much lands in Alberta are covered by wetlands

  • Ninety percent. That's how much of those wetlands are peatlands

  • Twenty million. That's how many migratory birds call the wetlands in Alberta home each year

  • Sixty-four percent. That's how much wetlands have been lost to developments in the settled areas of the province


Wetland Vegetation

  • Identification of common plant species found in various types of wetlands in Alberta 

  • Depends on your project goal, planting different plants will have significant results

  • How plants interact with their water-altered environment


Wetland Management and Protection

  • Ever wondered what that odor from that pond in front your house is and how to rid it?

  • Want to minimize the impact of your cattle on that marsh you have?

  • Worried about flooding and want to mitigate it using a wetland?

  • Love birds and aiming to provide them with a feeding and mating ground?


Wetland Classification

  • Swamps, muskegs, bogs... What are these things and what make them different?

  • Wetlands aren't just lands that are watery, there is much more to them.

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