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Soil Structure

Soil Structure refers to the relative proportion of sand, silt and clay. While you may already know that sandy soils are not capable of holding adequate amount of water, but do you know they are also poor in essential nutrients? How would you manage it? On the other end, ironically, soils too fine make water inaccessible for root uptake and plants may die of drought! How would you manage it here?


Have you ever wondered why neutral soils provide the best growing environment for plants? What does hydrogen have to do with poor plant growth? What about aluminum? How to choose the best spots on your property to obtain different pH levels?  Except for liming, what other strategies are there to adjust pH? The science behind it isn't that complicated and once you know the basics you will know exactly how to manipulate soil chemistry for success.


Have you ever drunk salty water and felt even thirstier after? Well, plants are with you here. As strange as it sounds, salinity is also closely related to soil pH, even if saltiness and sourness don't often come as a package. The right pH management methods will often lead to proper levels of salinity. But salinity-specific strategies will minimize your chance of having salt related issues. 

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